Trending September 2023 # 10 Google Slides Tips To Save You Time # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 10 Google Slides Tips To Save You Time # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Thanks to Google Slides, you don’t have to stuck with PowerPoint to do your presentation. It is web-based, and there is no software to install, which means you can access it on any PC. With Google Slides it’s possible to do things such as dictate text, import/export files, and zoom in and out of the slides.

Google Slides is capable of much more than what was previously mentioned. There are also options to add a specific color and add any image to the background of your slides. Keep reading to find out how to add these options to your Google Slides presentations.

1. Create a Master Slide

One of the most important (and easy to forget) things when making a presentation is having a master slide. This allows you to quickly make changes that will appear on all your slides, imbuing your presentation with a stylistic consistency throughout.

2. Stream Presentations via Chromecast

The days of using transparent plastic sheets of laminate paper to do your presentations are well behind us. (Does anyone even remember those days?) In fact, thanks to the miracle of streaming gizmos like the Google Chromecast, you might not even need to plug your laptop into a screen or projector via cable any more.

From Your PC:

From Your Phone:

You can also stream presentations from your phone to a Chromecast and control them using your touchscreen. Open your presentation in the Slides app for your Android or iOS device, then tap the TV-like streaming icon at the top of the screen.

3. Dictate Text in Google Slides 4. Import/Export Files to Google Slides

There’s a good chance you’ve already created something in PowerPoint. It’s possible to import your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides.

5. Zoom in or Out of Google Slides

To get a better look at your presentation, you don’t have to squint. With a simple keyboard shortcut (whether you’re on Windows or Mac) it’s possible to make the text bigger or smaller. In Windows, press the Ctrl + Shift and the plus or minus.

6. Add the Perfect Color to Your Slides Presentation 7. Add Any Background Image to Your Presentation 8. Embed Google Slides in a Website 9. Change the Shapes of Images in Your Slideshow

There’s a good chance you want your presentation to be embellished with more than just square/rectangular images. You might want your images to be circular, triangular, or Pac-Man-shaped, for instance.

10. Check Out Some Presentation Template Sites

If you’re not feeling entirely confident about your presentation design skills or simply don’t have the time to piece together every single fine detail of a presentation, then there are hundreds of templates you can use.

A relatively recent addition to Google Slides is the Template gallery where you can use a number of templates for presentations relating to weddings, photo albums, portfolios and more. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as there are plenty of third-party sites packed with hundreds of Slides templates. Slides Carnival is a good one, letting you search for pretty much any presentation templates that spring to mind. I like Free Google Slides Templates, too, which lets you view the templates as slideshows, so you can see them in action.


Google Slides is full of many features that will help you create one fantastic presentation. These were just a few of these options, but there are many more to choose from. What Google Slide options help you save time?

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