Trending September 2023 # 16 Best Ways That You Can Push Past Procrastination # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 16 Best Ways That You Can Push Past Procrastination # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Have you ever noticed how like wealth, even time is distributed unevenly among us? Off course, nature gives us equal hours every day, no matter who we are. Still, some people have time to work, enjoy leisure activities and spend quality time with their friends and family, whereas others seem impoverished with no time for anything. But unlike the money situation, we are directly responsible for our lack of time here. Poor time management and procrastination are two thieves of time, and when they join hands with laziness- they become deadly combinations.

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But unlike the money situation, we are directly responsible for our lack of time here. Poor time management and procrastination are two thieves of time, and when they join hands with laziness- they become deadly combinations.

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy”, said Wayne Gretzky.

You grow up hearing proverbs like ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ or stories of ‘The ant and the grasshopper’, The hare and the tortoise’ and ‘The three fishes’, which tells us that procrastination can be our worst enemy. You may never have heard success stories based on procrastination because procrastination has never helped anyone win a race, save a life, succeed, or get a promotion.

Though everyone agrees that we should not procrastinate, often the task of stopping procrastination is postponed to tomorrow- and you can guess the result. That is the clue to the direction in which we are moving. The trick is to learn the Power of Now and start immediately. Until you lock the monster procrastination in a doorless dungeon, you will never get things done on time; besides, you have so many incomplete things that you will never be able to enjoy your life.

16 Best Ways for Past Procrastination

Begin Now – if you say later, it may never happen.

Buy a planner/organizer – a written plan will stare back at you when incomplete

Make a list – write down your goals, pending work, important tasks on hand, and objectives

Procrastinate – you have to put off things that are not important or do not require your immediate attention

Motivate – you have to motivate yourself to get going. Keep thinking about the results and success.

Prioritize– a few tasks will need immediate attention, whereas others can wait. Create a hierarchy model to work on a priority basis.

Be prepared – it is easy to give excuses for not completing the task after pushing yourself to start. Get everything ready before you begin.

Be your boss – when you start breathing down your neck to complete the task, it sure will get done.

One Bite at a Time– this is how you eat an elephant.

Freedom – once you finish the task, you have your freedom.

Self-Awareness – knowing your personality type will help you deal with procrastination.

Focus – know how to deal with distractions.

Block Negative Chatter – negative mind chatter can be dangerous to your performance.

Stop Daydreaming – daydreaming can take you away from reality.

Treat yourself well – sometimes you have to forgive yourself, and sometimes you have to reward yourself.

Be your critic – evaluate yourself and your performance without being biased.

#1. Begin Now Procrastination

Let us understand what Procrastination stands for before pushing ourselves past it. ‘Pro’ in Latin means ‘in favour of’, and ‘Cras’ is Tomorrow. So we understand that procrastination is nothing but being in favor of tomorrow, which never comes.

Buck up and say I am going to do this now.

You can never have yesterday or tomorrow. All you have is present, where you can make a difference. Begin ‘Now’ so that your tasks do not get put off for tomorrow, which means they will never happen.

#2. Buy a planner/organizer

It is always welcome to know what you must do for the day rather than start off on some task randomly. Write down all the tasks you plan to complete in a day. When you fail to complete the tasks, the written words will stare back at you, whereas your thoughts or ideas can get lost during the day.

Ensure you fill out your planner and refer to it throughout the day. Keep it with you all the time.

#3. Make a list

Apart from the everyday organizer, you have to write down your goals, pending work, important tasks on hand, and objectives you plan to achieve soon. Refer to this list to plan your day, dedicating a certain amount of time to achieve your long-term goals.

Follow your timetable religiously because it becomes quite difficult to start again once you put it off for tomorrow. Say no to procrastination the first time.

#4. Procrastinate

That would shock you for sure but know that it is important that you put off things that are not important or do not require your immediate attention for tomorrow or later.

Find out who is the thief of your time throughout the day. It could be mindless surfing on social media, cat videos on YouTube, some more dangerous videos which can disturb your mind, chatting with friends, lazing around, an Idiot box, or anything else that does not take you anywhere in your life. Procrastination can help you keep away from them for today so that you can concentrate on important things that need your attention.

#5. Motivate

Imagine you are lazing on your favorite couch watching a match on Sunday, but you must also mow your lawn. What will pull you from your comfort zone to burn your skin in the sun to cut some useless grass you watered and grew in the first place?

This is when motivation comes to your rescue. You need to explain the effect the results will have on your life. How your wife will respond to your work and what benefits can come with it – these thoughts will help you keep you going. Escaping from the continuous nagging can inspire you to escape the couch.

#6. Prioritize

Some tasks need completion immediately, whereas some give you breathing time. Prioritize your tasks to form a hierarchy model for completing them. Do not just take time into consideration but also the impact of the incomplete task on your life.

When you step out of the procrastination mode, many pending important tasks will start fighting for your attention. Give time to decide which task goes where on the priority list. In this era, it is not the hard work that makes the difference but the smart work which gives you desired results.

#7. Be prepared

It all starts in our childhood. Remember those days when your mom finally sat you down to get the homework done, only to realize that you needed to sharpen the pencil? So, you sharpen your pencil with the sharpener but get distracted by something. Sometimes, you may never get back to doing your homework.

This can happen all over again today. It is easy to give excuses for not completing the task after pushing yourself to start.

Keep everything you may need at hand before you begin. Be it information, working materials, papers, pens, or your charged laptop, let it be there to access when needed. Once you start, do not stop until you reach your deadline.

#8. Be your boss

When your boss gives you a deadline to reach, you do it more diligently than you would do if no one is keeping tabs on you. With tasks that no one is watching over you, you need to be your own boss and start breathing down your neck to complete it before the deadline.

You can use this as a practice session when you are a boss to others to get the task done. You need to criticize, appreciate, and reward yourself for giving that extra push that gets the work done.

#9. One Bite at a Time

A weird quote says, “The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!” Now you don’t have to wonder why someone would eat an elephant because that only tells us metaphorically that by taking one step at a time, we can get bigger tasks done without being intimidated or overwhelmed by them.

We often procrastinate over tasks that look too big to handle simultaneously. The enormity can make you shy away from trying it in the first place. If your closet is too messy to be cleaned, handle one shelf at a time. Do not try to clean it up all at once. Breaking the bigger tasks into smaller chunks makes the task easier and encourages you to start.

#10. Freedom

Though you appear free when you are not working, you do not enjoy your time since the pending work keeps nagging at the back of your head. Real freedom comes when you complete the have-to-do job before the deadline.

Do not fill your tomorrow with so many things that you start dreading the sunrise. Stay ahead of your schedule to enjoy some free time tomorrow. You will be free of worry, guilt, fear, or nagging. Stop procrastinating to enjoy real freedom, and let this thought inspire you to work hard today.

#11. Self-Awareness

You may never realize how important self-awareness is to your success in life. When it comes to procrastination, you should be aware of your personality type to make plans. If you are the person who works best in the morning, keep the early hours for the tough task.

If you are a night owl, finish easier jobs during the day to concentrate on important things before you hit the bed.

Moreover, self-awareness holds reality to your face so that you will know where you stand, where you want to be, what you should do to get there, and many other aspects of your life. When truth stares you in the face, it is easy to stop procrastinating and start working.

#12. Focus

You have to tackle distractions strongly to complete the task at hand. Try apps that will rescue you from getting distracted from your work. This is the best way to use your smartphone.

#13. Block Negative Chatter

The fear of failure, imperfection, or overwhelming things starting at you can start off negative mind chatter, which can stop you from taking the first step. This is easier said than done because we are usually unaware that our mind is chattering negative things holding us back.

Though this is the toughest thing you must do, change negative mind chatter to positive one. You will be surprised how simple words like ‘have to’ can contribute to procrastination. When you say ‘I have to’, your mind registers that you are being forced. ‘I can’t, or ‘I will’ will make you feel you are making your choice.

Rephrase your sentences and change them into positive motivators.

#14. Stop DayDreaming

Daydreaming creates a comfort zone of fantasy land where you have everything. But there is no way you can stay in a fool’s paradise forever since reality comes knocking at your door sooner or later.

Daydreaming can steal away a lot of your time. But many people constructively daydream like meditation to realize their wants and needs.

#15. Treat yourself good

You may never realize the joy of appreciating, loving, and forgiving yourself. We all seek love and appreciation, which is not just from the outside world but from within us. People who love and respect themselves are not bothered much about what others think.

Treat yourself with respect, love, and care. Forgive your past procrastinating behavior, and reward any change you see within yourself. Unless you move past crying over the past, there are no smiles for you in your future.

#16. Be your critic

Loving yourself does not mean taking a biased stand and defending your shortcomings.  At times you need to be your own critic as well. You have to evaluate yourself and your performance without being prejudiced. Only when you become aware of the shortcomings can you find a remedy for them?

Check out what prompts you to procrastinate important work. Is it the idiot box? Friends? Online gaming? Internet surfing? Do not try to defend yourself by justifying the action causing you to procrastinate important tasks. Try to overcome the temptation to waste away your precious minutes.

Time to stop reading how to push past procrastination and get back to work! Now!

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