Trending September 2023 # Blockchain Training (5 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Blockchain Training (5 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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About Blockchain Training

Further details are provided below.

Course Name Online Blockchain Training

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 33+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn the Blockchain technology and also build applications using the same technology

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Blockchain technology and application development using the same.

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about coding and Javascript

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each5 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Blockchain Training Curriculum



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


The main goal of this training is to make you learn about blockchain technology as it is the foundation for modern cryptocurrencies. The course covers all the topics related to blockchain technology.


The main objective of the training is to make you acquire knowledge and skills related to the blockchain technology. In this training, it covers 3 courses and 2 projects. The topics which are covered under the blockchain training are blockchain implementation with JS, the complete Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum as a cryptocurrency.

Course Highlights

In this course the topics are:

The topics which are under the blockchain implementation with JS (1st course) are an introduction to blockchain for dummies, basics, and fundamentals of blockchain, the emergence of bitcoin, and the business network model. In the tracking ownership without blockchain the topics are algorithm for ownership transfer, key business benefits, and building trust with blockchain.

The transaction with blockchain the concepts under this are: Defining the term blockchain, various terminologies in blockchain, participants of blockchain, the workflow of blockchain, difference in bitcoin and blockchain, propelling business with bitcoin, use cases in blockchain, creating sample blockchain, calculating the hash and function for blockchain validation.

Under the decentralized applications it contains analyzing decentralized applications, understanding Ethereum, mining of bitcoin, and bitcoin proof of work. In the Coding-HTML page the topics it consists are – HTML page, login of JSON structure, output, and structure of blockchain, including libraries and plugins, description for blockchain structure, initializing of sockets, initializing Http server and add a new block.

The last topic in the first course is the impact of blockchain it has the following topics. They are understanding error handlers, connecting various spheres, functions for x block, creating a blockchain, coding the concluding part, impact of blockchain, and impact in the health sector.

In the 2nd course i.e., complete Ethereum blockchain course the concepts are Introduction to Ethereum, decentralized applications, ether, EVM, GAS, consensus protocols, Ethereum networks and wallet, Geth client, installing Geth, Geth CLI, setting up developer network, exploring Geth CLI option, Geth console, management APIS, and personal object.

In the 3rd course, Ethereum as a cryptocurrency the topics are Introduction to the Ethereum as a cryptocurrency, evolution of Ethereum, the difference between Ethereum and bitcoin, similarities in Ethereum and ether, Ethereum working, understanding hard fork and Ethereum, how is Ethereum made, Ethereum blockchain and virtual machine, setting up and features of Ethereum wallet, setting up Jaxx wallet, creating Ethereum wallet, analyzing risks in a paper wallet, synthetic paper, and waterproof ink, various steps for creating a wallet, buying Ethereum for wallet and transferring money out of a paper wallet.

Under the EC20 tokens and invest and trade Ethereum the some of the topics are functions of the ERC20 tokens, concepts and examples of gas price and gas limits, functions in Poloniex exchange, tether for buying and selling Ethereum, etc., topics will be covered.

These are the course covered under this training.

Project Highlights

Under this training the two projects are:

The first project is decentralized application development with solidity. The first introduction to the project is given. In the decentralized application development project it includes bridging the knowledge gap, understanding, and history of decentralized applications, concepts of Mist browser, Ethereum virtual machine, understanding the solidity program, various types of solidity, analyzing on the Ethereum and building a  private chain network will be covered.

Under the types of contracts it contains solidity and first smart contract, revenue sharing contract, compiling with remix contract, running the smart contract, understanding the structure of the smart contract, and different types of contracts.

The second project is creating a stock market and trading website using blockchain technology. In this project it provides an introduction to the project then creating the blockchain header, menu, slider, features, questions, why choose, services, market- experts, trading, work process, video-form, packages, and testimonial -blog.

These are the projects under this training.

 Blockchain Training – Certificate of Completion

What is Blockchain?

Which Skills will you learn in this Training


Blockchain Training covers 4 online courses. The skills which we will acquire by learning this blockchain implementation with JS are you will know the working of the blockchain, understanding blockchain, tracking ownership without Blockchain, transaction with Blockchain, decentralized applications, coding-HTML page, the structure of the Blockchain and Impact of the Blockchain.

The concepts you will be learning in the decentralized application development with solidity are an introduction to decentralized application development, understanding, and history of decentralized application development, concepts of Mist browser, understanding the solidity program, building a private chain network, types of contract, auction and mining contract, concepts of mining ether and cryptocurrency and decentralized apps.

The skills you will learn in the complete Ethereum blockchain course are an introduction to Ethereum, Ether, EVM, GAS, consensus protocols, Geth client, Installing Geth, Geth CLI, Ethereum networks, Ethereum wallet, developer network, exploring GETH CLI option, GETH console, and management console.

The course of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency covers the evolution of Ethereum, the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin, similarities in Ethereum and Ether, working of the Ethereum, Understanding the hard forks and Ethereum, Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum virtual machine, transferring money out of the paper wallet, setup of Ethereum wallet, ERC20 tokens, concepts and functions of the gas price and its transactions and how to invest and trade Ethereum.

These are some of the topics I have mentioned there are many other topics and skills you will acquire by learning this Blockchain Training.


Target Audience

Developer/ software Engineers: The people who already have programming knowledge of JavaScript, web development, and angular. And people with an understanding of the Object-oriented programming language and relational database knowledge having experience in it.

People who want to learn the Blockchain.

People who want to learn the decentralized Blockchain apps market by using Ethereum.

People who want to learn/expand their knowledge of Cryptocurrencies.

People who want to invest in Etherum.

Developers with the understanding and experience of the Data structure and design pattern knowledge and want to learn blockchain technology.

Blockchain Training – FAQ’s What are the benefits of learning Blockchain?

The benefits of learning Blockchain areas it has a wide range of application in different fields. The applications are in asset management, insurance, smart appliances, supply chain sensors, Blockchain healthcare, music, government, identity, passports, and payments, etc.

Who are hiring the blockchain developers?

The four major players hiring the blockchain developers are start-ups, legacies which include organizations like banks and law offices, Tech firms which include companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and government organizations.

Which roles/jobs can I get into after learning this Blockchain Training?

The job role you will get by taking this course is the Blockchain developer.

Knowing any of the programming languages is important?

Yes knowing programming language is important to become the blockchain developer.

Is the training available all the time?

The training is available all the time and you can access the training from anywhere at any time.

If I have any queries about the topics will I get any assistance?

Technical support will be provided by us and your doubts will be clarified by the team and we even provide the certification after completion of the course.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Coming to the

career benefits of blockchain

training as it has a wide range of applications the job opportunities are also more. The demand for blockchain developers is getting increased as it is growing fast in the current market. As it is emerging fast you will also have a good future. Even the freelancer blockchain developers are also in great demand. You can choose the type of developer you want to be like you can be a core blockchain developer or blockchain developer.

Coming to the pay/salary for the blockchain developer is also good. It is one of the top paid jobs in software development. In LinkedIn, it is one of the top emerging roles/jobs in the industry. By this only we will know the demand for the blockchain developer in the industry.



This video training course was created in a very structured way and easy to understand. The fundamental of blockchain was well explained with simplicity approach. The demonstration of creating blockchain provides an overview of how blockchain works internally from a technology perspective.


Chong Fong Kong

Blockchain Consultant

Hello, I find this course Very Interesting about Blockchain implementation. it describes the detailed step by step from the start point to the end of the project. The program starts whit the basics of blockchain, It discusses in detail some applications of blockchain in business life like Ownership Transfer, gives us the detailed processes of a transaction with blockchain. Also it analyses the Decentralized Application and the global impact of Blockchain technology. Thanks a lot.


Sidi Mohamed EL ALAOUI

Great Course to introduce to BlockChain

I truly enjoyed this course and the reach that it has. All topics covered all well explained in detail. I highly recommend this to anyone starting with Blockchain and bitcoin. I truly loved it and the instructor was right on with all topics. It rivals Udemy in the value of the content. Many thanks for the course


John Andrade

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