Trending September 2023 # How Does Xor Work In Php With Examples? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How Does Xor Work In Php With Examples? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Definition of PHP XOR

XOR operator in Php stands for exclusive OR. It is a logical operator which is used to combine the logical statements. In Php, XOR operator is used to compare two expressions or boolean values and returns a boolean value as a result. XOR operator first converts the expression into a boolean value and then performs the final operation. It returns the TRUE value as a result when one of the operands either left or right evaluates to be TRUE. If both the operands (left and right) are either TRUE OR FALSE, the result of the XOR operator would be FALSE.

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Syntax $result = expression1 xor expression2


$result = TRUE xor FALSE How does XOR work in PHP?

Some of the important points related to the working of XOR logical operator in Php are given below:

XOR first converts the expression into the boolean values and then further performs the comparison and evaluates the results.

In Php, XOR has low precedence as compared to the assignment operator so one needs to use it well while using both operators in a single expression.

It evaluates to be TRUE if either of the one operand is FALSE either left or right.

It evaluates to be FALSE if both the operands are FALSE or TRUE,

Keyword ‘xor’ or ‘XOR’ is used in between 2 operators using the XOR operator.

There is also one operator which is bitwise xor (^) which works on the bits and returns the integer value.


Some of the examples showing the usage of XOR operator in a Php program are given below:

Example #1


<?php $dist_cov = 25; $time = 2; $speed = 12; echo “Distance covered is greater than speed and speed is greater than time”; } else { echo “Either distance covered is less than speed or the speed is less than time”; }



In the above code, three variables, i.e. dist_cov, time, and speed are declared with their specific values. Condition is checked on these 3 variables using the if statement. Php operator ‘xor’ is used in order to evaluate the boolean result of the ‘IF’ statement. It will convert the expression into a boolean statement first and then perform the ‘xor’ operation on it. As it results to be TRUE, ‘xor’ TRUE, ‘ELSE’ part of the code is executed and printed on the console. As we know in xor ‘TRUE’ xor ‘TRUE’ is FALSE.

Example #2


<?php $team_01 = TRUE; $team_02 = FALSE; if($team_01 xor $team_02) { echo “Team 1 can win”; } else { echo “We cannot say anything”; }



In the above code, direct boolean values, TRUE and FALSE are declared in the variables ‘team_01’ and ‘team_02’. Condition is checked directly on the boolean values using the ‘IF’ statement. As TRUE xor FALSE evaluates to be TRUE, it results in the execution of the ‘IF’ part of the code and printing the desired output on the console.

Example #3


<?php $x = “hello”; $z = 30; if ($x == “hell” xor $z ==(40-10*7+60)) { echo “Congratulations!! you are right!!”; } else { echo “Sorry you are wrong !!”; }



Example #4


<?php $x = “hello”; $z = “world”; if ($x == “hello” xor $z ==”world”) { echo “Its Hello World”; } if ($x == “hello” xor $z == “work”) { echo “Its Hello Work”; } else { echo “Sorry Its something else!!”; }



In the above code, 2 string variables ‘x’ and ‘z’ are declared with the values ‘hello’ and ‘world’ respectively. Expression is evaluated using the ‘IF’ and ‘ELSE’ statements. In the first ‘IF’ statement, as both the left and right sides of the expression evaluates to be TRUE, the result of TRUE ‘xor’ TRUE is FALSE. So it will move to the next IF statement, evaluating which the left side of the expression is TRUE whereas the right side of the expression is FALSE. Performing the ‘xor’ operation on its results to be TRUE. So the corresponding statements of the IF block would be executed and are printed on the console.

Advantages of PHP XOR

Performing XOR on various conditional statements provides the facility to check multiple conditions at a time.

Multiple logical operators can be used together with the XOR operator in Php.

Performing XOR on multiple statements at a time can help save a lot of time.

Using XOR operations in the Php program to evaluate the result of logical statements also helps in increasing the optimization speed of Php compilers.

Getting the Boolean result as an output helps in taking decisions and moving forward in the code accordingly.

XOR, which stands for Exclusive OR is one of the most commonly used operators when performing the logical as well as bitwise operations in Php.


The above description clearly explains what an XOR operator is in Php and how it is used for the logical comparison of 2 expressions or boolean values. When more than one operator like arithmetic, logical, and comparison operators are used in a single expression, there are many chances of unexpected results. So in order to use it, programmers must keep the expression having XOR operator in parentheses in order to avoid any confusion.

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