Trending October 2023 # How To Enable Guest Mode With Its Components? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Enable Guest Mode With Its Components? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to Guest Mode

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It helps to use the web browser without providing any personal information. For example, no cookie data is stored as browsing history in it.

There are two components:

Forceful: The user needs to download the file to enable it in forceful type.

Normal: In the normal method user can directly enable it from the web browser.

Uses of Guest Mode

The major use of it is when other people want to use the user computer system. When an individual borrows the system from other individual guest modes, no trace is there of browsing history.

It can be used where multiple users access the same computer system, like in the library and cyber cafe. As in it, there is no browsing history data; it helps to do the browsing easily.


There is no limitation on users who can log in to the system in guest mode. This feature helps to increase flexibility as several users can easily access the system. However, there is a requirement because the web browser in this mode stores no browsing history.

The guest users are separated from the central network and isolated from each other. In it, no browsing activity is stored like websites in which user login details of the internet service provider and other cookies are kept separate for each type of user.

A secure environment is provided in it, browsing when the user login into the system in guest mode. When a user uses public computers like cafes or libraries, the browser will be insecure to use as it can have important details like websites that the user and other important information surfaced. And when users log in as guests, all these crucial types of information will not be stored as cookies or browsing history for the particular session.

How to Enable Guest Mode?

There are two methods to enable it one is forceful, and the other is the normal mode.

The next step is to extract the ZIP file downloaded, and the user can directly place the extracted file on the desktop or any personal folder.

The next step is to unblock the files so the user can access them.

For enabling the guest mode in a normal way, the steps are mentioned below:

The first step to enabling the guest mode is the host’s setup.

Next, the user needs to open the Google Home application.

Then the user needs to enable it and is ready to surf the internet without worrying about storing browsing history.

Guest connect to the guest mode.

The next step is to select the nearby device option, and users need to follow the prompt to connect.

And then, users need to provide the PIN to connect.


The guest mode is a mode provided by the Google Chrome web browser. The user does not need to provide any personal information to login into the system, and the user needs to enable the guest mode for accessing the web browser. It is widely used in the public system where more than one user uses the same system for personal use.

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