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Trending September 2023 # How To Select All Emails In Gmail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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If you’re the one to subscribe to a sea of newsletters, you must be familiar with your homepage flooding with emails. Gmail is one of the leading email services, with around 1.5 billion active users. Although Google automatically assigns special categories for certain emails, you still have to select and assign categories for most emails manually.

If you believe the clutter of emails is affecting your productivity, it’s time to clear them. This article will dive into how you can select all emails from generic to specific in Gmail. Then, we will jump to what you can do with the selected emails, so keep reading! 

To perform any action concerning emails, like delete, archive, or mark as spam, you first have to select them all. Here is a brief list of what you can do after you select emails on Gmail:

Archive: Removes email from your Primary inbox. To access it, move to All Mail.

Report Spam: The emails will be sent to Gmail to be reviewed as spam.

Delete: Emails will move to the bin. If not recovered, Gmail will delete them after 30 days.

Mark as read: The selected email will look like they’ve been opened.

Snooze: You will stop getting emails from the source till the set date. You can access the email before the time from the Snooze folder.

Add to tasks: The Tasks folder will create a to-do list for the selected emails.

Move to: Change the location of the conversation to another folder.

Label as: Group the conversations by giving them a label. You may view them from the bar on the left.

There are other actions you can perform after selecting the emails. Select the vertical three-dot menu on the left. You can mark the emails as unread or important, add a star or filter emails like these. Additionally, you can mute the source of the selected emails or even forward them as attachments.

Now that we’ve mentioned all the things you could do after selecting emails, you must be curious about how you can select emails. Below, we have listed all ways you can select emails from the Gmail service. 

Most users use the web version of Gmail to access their email, so let’s begin with this method. Follow these steps to select all of your emails on a page on the web version of Gmail:

Mail is the default application to receive emails for Windows. If your Gmail account is added to the Mail app, you can have all your emails selected from the in-built application.

Here are the steps you can refer to these steps to select your emails from the Mail app:

The mail app will select all the emails in your Inbox. If you wish to select emails for other categories, select the category under Folder on the sidebar, then follow the same instructions.

Apple Mail must already be available on your device if you own a Mac. This is because Apple Mail is the built-in application for Mac users. If you prefer using Apple Mail to view your conversations from Gmail, you can use this application to select your emails.

Refer to the steps mentioned below to select your emails from Apple Mail:

You may also use the Select All feature to select all of your emails. Simply hit the combination Ctrl + A to select all emails.

Unfortunately, there is no current feature that allows you to select all emails on the mobile application of Gmail. You can, however, select each conversation for both the iOS and Android versions. 

Follow these steps to select multiple emails on the Gmail mobile app:

Do you only want to select specific emails? You can filter the emails from a folder according to the sender, recipient, subject, keywords, size, and attachments. After you search the emails, you can then proceed to select them.

Use the following steps to filter conversations in the web version of Gmail:

You can leave the fields empty for the details you do not remember. However, do not enter incorrect details, as this will completely change your search results.

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