Trending October 2023 # Rest Api Training (4 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Rest Api Training (4 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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About REST API Training

Course Name Online REST API Training

Deal You get access to all 6 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 15+ Video Hours

Core Coverage The main aim of this course is to provide a wide understanding of building REST APIs with Flask.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning REST API Training

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Python programming

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 6 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These links can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills.

Type of Training Video Course – Self-Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

REST API Training Curriculum



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


This training is targeted to bring out a niche skill in our learners through a series of premium courses in REST APIs, which will enable them to bridge the gap currently prevailing in the current industry ask and available skill set.


Each of our courses has detailed objectives to fulfill, which we would go through in each of them separately. But here we would brief you about the objective of the entire training. Each of the courses in the training and their supporting courses fulfills the requirement of a learner to be the “best” API developer. All the courses blend in a way that ensures an unbreakable chain of knowledge and enables you to apply the learning in real-life problems.

Course Highlights

Our courses go hand in hand with the current requirement in the industry as of date, and we update our listing with the latest technology in place. The methodologies learned during the online training will go a long way in understanding the intricacies of API development. So, let’s catch a glimpse of the course highlights:

We would, as usual, start from scratch in the learning of REST API. The very first thing would be to learn about Flask, its installation, and intent, and then move on to write a minimal API and executing the same. Here we would go through some examples in making you understand the overall intent of API development so that any new type of API development comes in for you should be a cakewalk.

In the same portion, we would learn about and its arguments. Reqparsing helps in providing simple and uniform access to any variable object in Flask, and learning about arguments teaches about the arguments re-parsing takes for successful execution.

In the next set of tutorials on Android Web service, we would go through the learning phase of how REST APIs are used in android Apps. In this group of tutorials, we learn about WAMP, the UI design aspect of REST API, the basics of Volley, and many more. We would also learn about how JSON objects are requested.

Project Highlights

As we do for any other courses, REST APIs courses have real-life problems to be solved using projects. This will drive the closeness of how theoretical concepts are applied in a practical scenario. Here’s a quick glimpse of the projects:

The first project in this REST API Training is to learn about creating a REST API with Golang and MongoDB. In this project, we would learn about Golang, which has become an alternative to C++/Java for programming for large-scale network servers, and learn about connections using MongoDB. We would be using Postman to execute our REST APIs.

The next project is about developing a full-fledged software building exercise to build an employee management system tool. This project will enable you to understand not only the intricacies possible in cases of real-time projects but also make you go through best practices being currently followed in the industry.

REST API Training- Certificate of Completion

What is the REST API?

Did you know REST is an abbreviation that stands for REpresentational State Transfer! This type of architectural style was developed to source out a solution for a hypermedia system, an extension of hypertext providing multimedia facilities. Let us get some more resemblance of what REST APIs look like. Suppose you search for “EduCBA” on Google, and you would be replied with a list of search results matching the term EduCBA. The REST API works in the same fashion of getting a result back upon searching. API is nothing but an interface that allows programs to talk to each other through a common platform. API is very similar to a translator for people from 2 different countries unaware of each other’s language. REST is a set of rules followed by developers when API is created and in that one such rule mentions that the user should be able to get the piece of data when “requested”. The request is the URL that is linked and the reply you get back is the response. There is another thing which is kind of confusing for learners and that people intend to think that HTTP and REST are the same. But, mind you! They are not the same. Simply put, REST is a way HTTP is used.

What skills will you learn in this Course?

We have tried to carefully craft our courses in a way that would enable you to get resources from top-notch faculties right at your fingertips. We would handhold our learners who are just starting in the area of API through imbibing confidence as a major skill in them to start apprehending REST API in such a way that they can use them in day-to-day work in professional life. As a part of this REST API Training, we would make you go through the elements required to be the best API developer who can swim through rough tides easily. As a part of the course, we make sure that you would have exposure to immense detailed programming techniques that would hone your skills to have in-depth programming skills and knowledge. The way the course is designed, the way of efficient communication would be clearer as you start unveiling new methodologies in API development. With the different methodologies used during our course, you would sharpen your skill of deep understanding of the stack. And lastly, with the effective way of code, like readiness and reusability of code written, you would gain a major skill set during the course.


We at EduCBA never follow the concept of having mandatory prerequisites except for the one that the projects need to be solved on their own, without any third-party help. But, we do feel that some prerequisites will enable you to grasp concepts in this REST API Training in an easier fashion, and they are:

Having prior knowledge of programming would be a plus point. Learners with no programming experience might plan to do another course from EduCBA about programming before going ahead with this one.

Having preliminary concepts on OOPs, multi-threading, and collections would be nice to have!

Have prior knowledge on the android SDK tool is again a nice to have skill.

Some comfort in Python programming.

Target Audience

Our audiences are never the targeted ones! We have our stage open to all those who want to learn and improve and expand their horizon of knowledge. You might be a person in your university who has a course on API, and this same course you could use as a reference guide. With the extensive theory and practical set, we don’t think you would need any other course. If you are looking for the next big role, but you don’t think you would be able to compete against other masterclass developers in API, then this course will make you match those masterclass developers and even allow you to surpass them and get into the role of your dreams! Just sign on to this REST API Training and see the difference.

FAQs- General Questions As a part of the next steps, what possibilities are available?

Once you have enough grasp of REST APIs and over the years you worked as a developer, you might think of being an architect to design your platform to execute those APIs

This course would allow you to collect those missing pieces of the puzzle to enable you to make the jump to your next career level. This REST API Course is an all-in-one bundle that will allow you to mold your career in the way you want to see it!

How much time would be required to be invested in this REST API Course?

With a dedication of 3-4 hours a week and spending some extra time thinking about solving the project in an out-of-the-box way, we assume 3 weeks to be enough to have the taste of this REST API course.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits


Python Fundamentals

Great course for beginners. It goes through basic staff in python, which will enlighten you on python. There were practical examples used throughout the course, which helps a lot in understanding python basics. The course is also useful in laying out a better foundation in understanding python. Awesome course indeed

Ngonidzashe Knight Furusa

Python Fundamentals

It allowed me to understand Python easily. Since I had some programming background. It allowed me to understand all the basics of python. And was teaching using Python3 and had compared between Python2 and Python3. I suggested those without any background of IT knowledge to watch this video as it was very beginner.


Ung Jun Xiang

Incredible Online Training Organization

Incredible training and it was free! The simplicity of the python programming language is mind-blowing. I had applied to the various online training site for Python programming training but not explained python programming language as simple as Educba. I look forward to learning other programming languages on Educba.


Florence Eghwrudje

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