Trending September 2023 # Why Pay When You Can Use Canva Online Photo Editor For Free # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Why Pay When You Can Use Canva Online Photo Editor For Free # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Why Pay When You Can Use Canva Online Photo Editor for FREE Now Create Banners, Posters, Greeting Cards, Presentation, Business Card, Brochure, Invitation Card, Menus, and Many More Templates For FREE!

“Canva is a $2.5 Billion company with over 800 employees, 140 Million customers, managing over 50 Million premium stock images.”

Why Use Canva Editor

Canva editor offers you a bundle of joy with intuitive features to edit your photos they way you like it. There are numerous features of the Canva photo editor to fill life to your photos using the free online photo editor.

Photo Straightener – Tilted photo shows imperfection. Now you can turn your photos in line with the Canva editor using the photo straightener tool. You can free rotate a tilted snapshot or a scanned image.

Add Text to your Photos – At times, your photos may require narratives to speak aloud about the moment you relished. Using the text tool you can add stylish typography to your images describing yourself with multiple font types, sizes, and colors.

Speech Bubble Maker – Give speaking or thinking speech bubbles to your images to say it aloud. Let your dialog reach out to all your audience with those speech bubbles for your photographs. This feature is not common in all the online photo editors.

Photo Transparency Tool – Give a transparent effect to your photo to enhance and focus on what’s important in the picture. Add other images with higher transparency to merge with your main image highlighting the elements with a lower opacity.

Photo Enhancer Tool – Enhance your dull photos with the photo enhancer tool so that they do not look washed out. Adjust the brightness, contrast and preset enhancements to give extra shine to your images. While doing the same, you can also add an artistic blur effect along with the saturation and tint effect.

Photo Vignette – Add a dark and vintage look to your photo to travel it through the journey of life. A melancholy tone with a grayscaled vignette can enhance the composition with a retro look of your photograph. This makes the Canva editor one of the best online graphic design tools as a freeware. The only reason Pixlr Photo Editor is not greatest than Canva is that it doesn’t have a library filled with millions of preloaded images.

Collage Maker Tool – Add more photos from the same library to create a collage with perfect gridlines. Cropping all the images for a perfect fit to match the actual size of gridlines is possible with Canva editor to create stunning photographs for your social media posts, blog graphics, and other needs.

Stylish Photo Frames – Once you have created your media, you can add stylish photo frames to your creativity. Every picture needs a different photo frame and the Canva editor has plenty of photo frames with different patterns and sizes.

What Canva Online Photo Editor Can Do For You

Regardless of your professional or personal needs, the Canva photo editor app can do wonders for you and the most amazing part is, it’s a free online photo editor.

You can use Canva editor to create Instagram Posts, Logos for your website or company, stunning large posters, professional presentations, Facebook posts, Social media posts and tons of other stuff.

“Tip: You can use Free images from the pool or if you want an image from the premium stock of over 50 Million images, it’s chargeable.”

How to Edit Photos Using Canva Photo Editor

Using the Canva photo editor is pretty easy! Here is a step by step guide on how to use the Canva Photo Editor.

Explore Your Dashboard – One you are into your account, explore all the available tabs from the left-hand side of the screen. Go to the ‘Templates’ tab on the left-hand side and browse for the desired category.

You can also create a duplicate or reposition the image as per your needs. One of the greatest features that you can explore in the online photo editor is the ‘Transparency’ effect to reduce or enhance the opacity of the image.

Once you are done with all the adjustments, you can lock, download or share the image to an external source. You are all set with the newly edited image.

Summing Up

Explore the artist in you with Canva online photo editor as this is one of the best and easiest online graphic design tools from a novice to a professional. Canva editor doesn’t require any creative graphic design experience. It’s easy peasy Japanesey!

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